Air-condition Repairs & Regas Services in Banbridge

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How exactly does the air conditioning of cars work?

For most car owners, the AC system is a complete mystery, you press the button, and are
met with a refreshing blast of cold air.

But what happens behind the scenes is actually fairly complex, and extremely interesting.

An AC system works by cycling refrigerant, converting it from a gas into a liquid, and then
back again. By the end of this cycle, it’s in a cold gaseous state inside the evaporator, at
which point outside air is blown over it, cooled, and then sent to the cabin.

Detail of new modern car air-con button

How often does my car's air-conditioning need re-gassing?

The general rule of thumb is that your vehicle's air-conditioning needs re-gassing every two years. The reason for this is because it's estimated that your car permeates between 10 - 15% of gas from the system every year; and that's before you've even used it!


An air-con service also presents a good time to get the system de-bugged, which essentially decontaminates the whole system. This is recommended because aspects of the air-conditioning system are a breeding ground for bacteria, which in turn leads to bad odours.

A finger pressing the A/C or air conditioning button on the dashboard of a car

How long does it take to re-gas my car's air-con?

It usually takes around 45 minutes to complete a re-gas on your vehicle's air-conditioning system if it is fault-free.

How much does it cost to re-gas my car's air-conditioning?

Maintaining your vehicle's air-conditioning system is actually very reasonable:

Air-conditioning check


Air-conditioning Anti-bacterial clean


Air-conditioning re-gas

From £50